Egg Tarts

I’ve always loved desserts.

Desserts from all cultures make me drool.

I’m always making western desserts, and it never occurred to me to make any other kind…

…until one day, after some late afternoon dim sum (my friend thinks I’m crazy for eating dim sum at 1 pm, I think she’s crazy! Dim sum is good and all, but who in the world would wanna wake up just to eat it?!)  with my dad.


Every time I go out for dim sum, my sister and I always order EGG TARTS. The ‘egg’ is always so light and sweet, and the ‘tart’ is always flaky and buttery. MMM, I’m craving some right now.

Anyways, moving on from my craving, the egg tarts always comes in 3’s and I always have to sacrifice the last one to my sister. I know, I’m so generous. =P

Well yenno what? Even generous people want to be selfish sometimes and take the last egg tart for herself! So I decided to make a batch just for myself!

Just kidding. My waistline is at stake here, of course I shared.

These egg tarts cannot compare to the ones at dim sum. The ‘egg’ was not sweet enough, nor was it creamy enough and it tasted eggy. The ‘tart’ was more like shortbread, I was looking for pastry. FLAKY FLAKY FLAKY! But nope.

Oh wells, not bad for a first try. My parents really enjoyed them and they usually never like anything I bake.


The recipe is from Cooking Crave. Click Here

P.S: I finally learned how to incorporate links into my text! thanks little bro!


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