So embarassing…

Five minutes into my run today, this happened

no I wasn’t hungry and decided to eat jam off my knees.

I fell. It was so embarassing! It happened right when I was feeling invincible running a downward slope. You guys know that feeling right?

When I fell, it felt it was happening in slow-mo. So weird, I guess I could’ve stopped myself but next thing I knew I was sliding onto the grass on the side of the sidewalk. Oh and I fell on broken glass too. People, if you’re gonna throw away your empty beer bottles at least do it somewhere where a runner can’t fall on it!

I was running beside a friend and he stopped to see if I was ok. If it were me I would’ve said something like “I’ll come back and check on you after another lap ok?” and ran off. I dont like stopping once I start. But I’m so glad he did, thanks willma! (His name is william, I just call him willma)

Let’s see, so the last time I fell was probably back when I was 14. I felt so embarassed cuz I’m 18. Not that falling can be prevented but can you imagine how funny it looks when a grown person falls? I would’ve laughed at me, iunno how my friends didn’t ahah

After I fell, i just got back up though and ran for another half hour before my pants really started to scratch away my skin.

I think I should’ve stopped when I fell. My cuts are pretty deep.

How long does it take for scars to go away? The only I’m bummed about this is not being able to wear shorts or dresses and spring is on its way. darnskies.

What would you do if you fall during a run?


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