Despite waking up at 3am today to study cram for my math midterm, I had a fantastical day.

It started out rough b/c my midterm was at 8am in the morning! I don’t know about you guys, but my brain doesn’t like doing math that early.

During the midterm, I kept thinking to myself: OH MA GAWD im gonna fail omg gonna fail omg gonna fail. I couldn’t really pay attention cuz I was reading my some last minute notes on the bus before the I got to school and I’m super awesome at getting motion sickness. I was hurling during the exam ><

Anyway… sorry to put that image into your head..

Then after the midterm, I was discussing my answers with my prof and turns out i’m not gonna fail after all! I pretty much got all the same answers. darn, I just jinxed it. Now im not gonna get less than perfect 😦

I got off school at 11am ( BOOYAH ) right after psychology. Today I learned that stress can kill you, literally. It increases your chances of getting small things like colds to big things like heart disease! So next time you’re stressed, think about your poor little heart and take problem-focused steps to relieving your stress. Apparently emotion-based stress solving, i.e  going for a run, is not good for you in the long run. When my prof told us that  I was shocked! That’s how I always relieve my stress! I’m just gonna take that with a grain of salt 🙂

All throughout psych class my stomach kept grumbling. It was so embarassing. I haven’t felt my tummy grumble in forever, usually I eat way way way before that happens. My friends beside me kept making fun of me and laughing. I tried to explain that i have to eat every hour cuz thats just how i roll but my grumbles kept interrupting me and then the laughing started AGAINNN

After pysch I was STARVING, so I didn’t fight my sugar cravings and gave in to a cookie. I just finished my last midterm and I felt a cookie was needed for a mini celebration.

I went to the SUB on campus and bought a cookie.

Two words: RIP OFF

OMG STOP THE WHOLE WORLD something JUST went wrong with my comp and all my pics got deleted! I had two whole posts ready with images of all the awesome food I ate today!! :((( NOOO…

Anyway, this is where I would’ve inserted my photo. Imagine a picture of a cookie with 3 ity bity chocolate chunks and walnut pieces on the top. I paid $3 for ONE cookie and that was all I got. Thanks, so much for a “chocolate chunk walnut cookie”, they should be more specific, like 3pc chocolate chunk walnut cookie or something.



2 thoughts on “LAST MIDTERM DOWN

  1. Olivia says:

    Congrats on finishing Midterms!! I’ve got one more week left in the quarter and then Spring break…Woop Woop!! Such a stress reliever to just be done isn’t it:)

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