I have something to admit.

What I’m gonna say next might shock you. Brace yourself.


I did not know how to make rice krispies.

I know, how ridonculous is that?! I mean, they’re only the easiest things to make right?!


I don’t know why but I could never make them properly! No matter how many marshmallows I put, they always came out really really hard.

Until one day, my dear friend, elephant, taught me how to during one of our many baking dates πŸ™‚

The way she did it was so easy! the rice krispies she made were soft and chewy, just like how rice krispies should be.

Her secret: the microwave. I guess if I took the time to read the recipe on the rice krispies box I would’ve have known this little trick earlier too. I can’t believe I’ve been using the stovetop! I mean, all that waiting for the pan to heat up and the all that washing, augh! This method only requires 1 bowl and 45 seconds of your life. And the results? Deeeelllicious rice krispies πŸ™‚

Today after school, I bused to the grocery store to get me some marshmallows, even if it meant braving against the cold and rain for 5 minutes longer than usual. I needed a marshmallow fix real bad.

Right when I got home, I ran upstairs to the kitchen and starting whipping up some krispie bars. When I dug my teeth into the first piece, I squealed and did my happy dance around the house.

I can now make rice krispies.

I have an awesome recipe for you guys on sunday. Chocolate lovers, stayed tuned!


One thought on “Success!

  1. Jen says:

    Rice Krispie bars are awesome! They remind me of when my mom used to make them when we were young πŸ™‚

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