Rain rain go away

.. and you know how the rest goes. I’m not gonna continue, it’s too sad.

It’s mid April, I shouldn’t have to wear my rain boots anymore. Darn you vancouver weather!

i like my feet dry

Because my mood is very weather-dependent and because rain makes me want to lounge at home all day in sweatpants and eat ice cream from the tub, let’s look back at how it WAS this week:

These cherry blossoms stopped me in my tracks. I was heading to the location of my bio exam and I was feeling really really REALLY nervous. My mind was all over the place that day, but seeing those connected me to the present again 🙂

cherry blossoms

more cherry blossoms!

Another sign of spring: buttercups! Did you know they closed at night? Ok, that was kind of a dumb question, y’all probably shaking your head at me right now but I didn’t know that and it fascinated me.

One day, when my exams are all out of the way, I will sit outside all day and watch the magic happen



and how could I not write about my absolute most favourite place in the world? I took this picture while I was on one of my short runs along the seawall. If you’ve ever been to the seawall, you would understand why I want to live there right there beside the water. Who needs a house when you’re amongst other runners soaking in the sea-salted breeze and sunshine? If I ever get hungry I’ll just run along until I hit the public market. Problem solved! There’ll be good company and good food, I would be set for life ahaha!

english bay sunsets 🙂


kidding, I’ve never been to Cali before, but those trees totally made me feel like I was there!  I was expecting kim kardashian to walk by!

P.S: it would be very much appreciated if you don’t call the cops on me for not wearing a helmet 😛


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