Yesterday, I had a really bad day. It started out like any other saturday. I went to work, smiled at people, greeted them, showed them to their tables and watched hungrily as they ate cheese slathered pasta. Just like any regular saturday. 

Then as I was walking home from work, I realized I forgot to do something really important. Unfortunately by then the deadline already passed. I immediately felt anxiety and panic. I tried to calm down just until I could make my way home; didn’t want to have a panic attack on the bus yenno.

When I got home and walked through the door, I was so upset that I didn’t even respond to my siblings when they welcomed me home. Usually I’m the one who has to make a scene in order for them to notice that I’m home, so I should’ve been happy that they finally initiated it for once, but I just couldn’t muster up a smile.

I usually head straight to the bathroom to relieve my 2 oz bladder, but instead I immediately turned on my laptop, and sent a sad pathetic email in the hopes of turning my situation around.

After that, I just folded my laptop screen down, folded my arms and head on top of it and cried long and hard for an hour.

I’m not gonna tel you what it was that made me so upset because now that I think of it, I feel that all that crying was totally unnecessary.

So how do you make yourself feel better after something crappy like that?

Well step 1, ask your brother to order 3 large pizzas then sit on the couch double fist some pizza and watch some hockey. Good thing we won, otherwise I might have needed another crying session. GO CANUCKS!

Step 2, laugh at yourself:

i told ya im a dork

LOL love the bottom right corner

Step 3, remember something really genuine that made you smile:

I was on the bus when this happened, a really friendly old man approached me and told me this..

“Hi, I just wanted to let you know that you have a really nice smile”

“oh wow, thank you”

“Yea and you let your boyfriend know too! He better know”

“Oh um ok”

“Someone like you has got to have a boyfriend right?”

“Actually I don’t aha”

“Really?! are you in between right now or something?”

“Nope, just don’t want one right now”

“Well you still have a really nice smile, people don’t do that enough nowadays”

“Oh I know, I think it’s the technology, makes people less interpersonal cuz all they do is look down at the screens on their phone all day”

“Yea that might be the problem, well you take care ok? Keep smiling my dear”

“Thank you, you too!”

The end.


4 thoughts on “Smile

  1. cakebrain says:

    Ah, yes. Sometimes it just sucks when you’re having a bad day! You’ve got the right attitude. Hope it all works out in the end!

  2. Nikki says:

    It’s true. You do have a pretty smile. Sounds weird when someone younger than you says that but anyways hi Connie

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