How to Be the Cool Cousin

meet the cousin, Derek

First off, I want to thank everyone who took the time to read my whining and gave me awesome support in the last post. I can tell that you guys really care for me, and I can’t tell you how lucky I feel to have you guys :’) Special shout out to Julia, Alexandra, Brittany and Yvonne! You girls are 

the taller cousin, Daniel

1. Do nothing but talk for a couple of months about taking your little (I guess I should say ‘younger’ since one of them is taller than me) cousins out. To get them excited yenno?

2. If your over protective aunt and uncle asks how you’re gonna take them there, you tell them that it’s gonna be super safe cuz you’re gonna take them by bus. Then turn around and give your cousins a wink cuz you know you’re totally lying and that you’re actually gonna take them all there by biking along some really busy streets.

3. Buy all the food and make sure it’s the kind they like.

i love picnics, don't you?

when i pulled this stuff out, happiness levels went up

Our grandma threw in a package of gummy worms last minute. How awesome is she? 🙂

grandma's are, especially when they buy you gummy worms

4. When Rogers people walk by and ask if you want to enter a draw for $5000 and some jelly beans , you scream ” LET’S DO IT FOR THE JELLY JEANS!”


5. If your cousins are too embarrassed to take photos with you, just threaten them. How do you think I got all those pictures up there? 

"lemme take a picture or else we won't bike the entire seawall >=(" and then he immediately complied.

"smile or else no ice cream"

6.  Threaten your siblings too so they don’t feel left out.

"can't get away from me!"

the brother

7. Be super cool and document everything like you’re a mom on a family vacation.

and the biking begins! .. after this picture!

they couldn't get away from me fast enough 😛

i realized it's really hard to take straight photos with one hand while riding a bike

part of my favourite stretch of the seawall

Do you see that yellow pile of stuff? Well it turns out that Vancouver is one of the greatest exporters of lemonade.

Mt. Lemonade

the cutest little island thingy off to the side of my favourite stretch of seawall

Don’t ask about the next 4 pictures, I don’t know. I just don’t know.

don't ask

and i thought i was weird. they asked me to take pics of them doing that o.O

Sis: "take a pic of me planking!"

bro, I think we need to work on our funny face pictures


8. Finish the day off with the ice cream you promised. 

Ok, so maybe you were the only one who really wanted ice cream after 7 hours of biking.

costco ice cream is the best. i've been craving it for WEEKS

 Everyone else wanted pop. I question their sanity sometimes.

crazy people that didn't want ice cream

 And that folks, is how you become the Cool Cousin.

P.S: I hope you realized I was kidding about Mt. Lemonade. It’s actually a huge pile of sulfer. I got that joke from my coworker 😛


8 thoughts on “How to Be the Cool Cousin

  1. Looks like fun! great pics haha 🙂

  2. Alexandra says:

    What fun!! I love those kind of gummy worms, they’re the best! One question: How on earth could they not want that incredible looking ice cream?! haha 😀

  3. Laura says:

    Love the seawall was there yesterday & I’m going there today 🙂
    Who wouldn’t haev wanted ice-cream? crazy.

  4. kalyrical says:

    Aww! Seeing ice cream reminds me of that place on venables!!

  5. Got to love those photos!

  6. Brittany says:

    You guys are all so cute, what a fun day!! Smart kids for getting excited for foooood! Uhm and are seriously GORRGEOUS..that last picture of you and your ice cream cone is BEAUtiful! I would NEVER choose anything over ice cream, crazy kids these days!

  7. pbbrittany says:

    You are so funny!! Looks like you had an awesome day! I haven’t been on a picnic in…..well, EVER…. 😦 Now, i need to go drag a friend on a picnic and torture them with endless pictures. 😛

  8. Haha for a second I was super confused how their could be a pile of lemonade. Super smart moment for me there.

    You are definitely the coolest cousin I’ve heard of! The picnic looks so cute and delicious! Sugar highs always end up in ridiculous picture for my family too 🙂

    And the last picture of you and your ice cream is BEAUTIFUL! You look so happy/adorable!

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