Merry christmas everyone!!!!!

Merry Christmas !!! Hope your day is going well, what are your plans later tonight?

I’m proud to say that for once I had presents to open on Christmas morning. Usually I open them whenever I receive them. I’m the most impatient person ever 😛

This year my sibs and I decided to get each other presents. Here’s the aftermath. I may or may not have been hinting to my brother about that cake stand for a couple years 😉


Last night at 1am I decided the house needed some kinda christmasy aspect to it since we don’t have a tree this year. So after my mom went to bed my sibs and I became the trouble makers that we always were >=) We got christmas lights and SCOTCH TAPED them to the wall.




We set up camp in the living room last night under the lights and watched “to grandmothers house we go” until we fell asleep. I have a feeling this is gonna be a new Christmas tradition 🙂




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