Catching up with 2012

Only three days into the new year and I feel way behind already because I haven’t made a blog post yet!!

Wanna hear my new years resolutions? No? Well I’m going to tell you anyway. 

1. Study more, procrastinate less.
2. Stress less.
3.  Eat less, exercise more.
4. Be more appreciative.
5. Be less of a grandma and LIVE more. ie. do something that will scare the bajeezes outta me, travel outside of BC (but not to Seattle)
6. Blog at least once a week. (YOU GUYS CAN KEEP ME IN CHECK!!)
7. Stick to these resolutions for longer than a week.  

How long do you guys stick to your new years resolutions? 

I’m so glad I have time to blog today. Since winter break started, I’ve been out every single day. It’s so tiring, especially because I’m usually a homebody and I like to glue myself to my couch whenever I have a day off. I have developed quite the relationship with my couch, I spend the bulk of my days with it. 

Yesterday I went Seattle with the fambam for some shopping. To most people, shopping is fun right? But I find it sooooo frustrating and difficult. I get dizzy in stores in like H&M and Forever 21. Would it kill them to place their racks in straight lines?! Must everything be at angles to each other?! And why can’t stores place shirts in one place and then dresses in another? It would make my life soo much easier. The only shopping I enjoy is grocery shopping. Grocery stores excite me.

I bought a couple things, but if I had possessed professional shopping skills, I could’ve done better. Americans sure know how to have sales, everything is so much cheaper in the states. Take this as warning that all your moolah will be spent if you ever come to Vancouver.

America also had candy bars unknown to Canada. Never have I ever seen Buddy Bars.

Oh, I want to ask all you ladies out there. Is it worth it to buy a wallet for $100? Normally, I would think that is ridonculous, but look at this wallet! It’s so cute! So what say you, should I keep it?

I finalllllly bought some black pumps. Been wanting a pair for soooo long.

It even came with some perfume. Vince must’ve heard about my foot odour 😉

Also got some magenta shorts. They’re going to look great with my pink Nikes and fluorescent green jacket. I also love that I look 10 feet tall in this photo.


7 thoughts on “Catching up with 2012

  1. Chris Ray says:

    Let me try those shorts! They’d totes make me look 20 feet tall. 😛

  2. Alexandra says:

    Love the goals and the goodies! Yay for 2012!!

  3. Happy New Year! Great goals 🙂

  4. Brittany says:

    Bahhhh you came to Seattle!?!? I am literally an hour away from Seattle..haha I was juuussttt there. I get the same way when I go’s usually too crowded for me too. I think a good wallet is worth $100, as long as you keep it and use it for a VERY long time..don’t go buying a new one next year!

    • i read your blog last night and i was soooo shocked u were just at seattle too! next time i go ill bring u some cookies! 😀

      aww thanks for your opinion! im SO indecisive. ahahaa yea im thinking i shouldn’t buy another wallet until im 90

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