Why this week is awesome

1. I stormed a wall. ie. I climbed over a 12 foot wall.

For someone who is terribly afraid of heights, I would consider that an accomplishment. Storm the Wall is this event at my school where teams/individuals do a race consisting of a swimming, sprinting, biking, running and storming the wall. Our team name was “friends with benefits”, don’t ask…

I never thought I could do it, but when I was up there, I wasn’t even the slightest bit afraid. Maybe I’m ready for sky diving now 😉


 Here’s a video for your viewing pleasure 😀 I am the one in the white t-shirt and black tights. Our final time was 22:45! 


2. I was reunited with my favouritest pen as of yesterday!! I lost it a couple weeks ago at a grocery store. I’m not gonna lie, some tears were shed. 


3. I played laser tag for the FIRST time ever. Most people experience that before they hit the double digit age. I’m a late bloomer, always have been, always will be.


4. Triple chocolate cookies and reading material that isn’t a textbook.



8 thoughts on “Why this week is awesome

  1. abitterdays says:

    Feeling great because I was a part of 2 of your 4 great achievements this week =D
    Those cookies look amazing and can’t wait to eat them tomorrow!!

    Glad you got your favouritest pen back! Not gonna lie… you seemed quite lost without it for the past few weeks =S

  2. Alexandra says:

    I get the same way with pens!! Once you find a good one, it becomes a life need haha
    Congrats on storming the wall too sista!

  3. Brittany says:

    That wall climb adventure sounds awesome!! Great job!! Also, those chocolate cookies..ugh you’re not helping me stay away from sweets! YUM.

  4. nattilisms says:

    The Help is such a great book – I hope you are enjoying it..seems kinda hard when you have delish cookies to go along with the light reading!

  5. Patty says:

    yessss laser tag is awesome – right?! Another perfect way to run off those delicious cookies you keep making me make 😛

  6. Linda Kwan says:

    omg this brings back ubc memories! during engineering week, i would join all my engineering buddies in fun and hijinx. ubc sure was fun! storm the wall is such a great team-building activity! do they still dunk engineers on their birthdays in the fountain in front of the old main library?

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