Sun Run 2012

I’m running 10k tomorrow for the annual Sun Run!!! This will be my 6th year running it and I’m soooo excited! I swore I will continue doing this even when I grow out of the 10k distance for one reason: to collect the t-shirts. 

Usually the shirt/bib/timer gets delivered to my school for me, but this year since I signed up for the individual category, I had to pick them up myself at the pre-race fair. It was my first time attending one 🙂 Sure it might not be as big as the one for Boston Marathon, but I was still delighted. New Balance had a whole section where people could try on their shoes. I was tempted to check it out since I’ve been meaning to buy some new runners but the Powerbar people were giving out protein brownie bars. Guess where I went instead 😛

I haven’t trained at all for this and I’m a bit nervous since I haven’t done any exercise for 2 weeks. (Darn exam season!) AND to top that off, I pulled an all nighter yesterday cramming studying for an exam I had this morning. Usually I would aim to finish the race in less than 50 minutes, but this time I just hope that I won’t collapse during the run and fall asleep on the concrete. 


One thought on “Sun Run 2012

  1. abitterdays says:

    didn’t you have to go to the pre-race fair last year to pick up your bib?

    poor thingg… really hope you DONT collapse tomorrow and finish with an AWESOME time!

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