Race Recap

10mins before crossing the starting line:

30secs after the finish line: no balloons, no cheering, just PLEASE KEEP MOVING. It was not very welcoming 😦

So good news, I didn’t fall asleep and collapse like I thought I would!

Bad news: I made my goal and finished in 57mins, but 57 minutes is terrible. 

I FELT like I was going pretty fast. I was so confident that I would finish in under 50minutes. But nope, life never gives me what I want. 57 minutes is slowest time I have gotten in YEARS. Needless to say, I am super duper disappointed in myself. I can’t believe it took me almost 6 minutes to run each kilometre!!!!  What would Ryan Hall say?!

Before I found out my race result and the world came crashing down on me, I was really glad that I enjoyed the run, EVEN THOUGH the crowd was thick and I had to weave in and out of everybody’s way. I only had about 30 cm of space around me the entire time. There was no such thing as personal space! One thing that really bothered me though were the walkers. I was FUMING. If you’re gonna walk, GET OFF THE MAIN ROAD! The least they could’ve done was walk to the side and get out of my way, geez. AND if you can’t keep up with the pace, then you should’ve joined the slower category!! Yeahh, I have road rage. 😛

I maintained my pace from start to finish even during the inclines. My legs kept wanting to go faster but my lungs weren’t cooperating. (Do you guys breathe through your mouth, nose or both? Anyone know how to increase lung capacity and efficiency? )I ended with a sprint to the finish line from 9.5K. I finished STRONG and with a smile on my face. Ahaha that reminds me of a meme.

At the end, I met up with Willma, Ganaban, Paul and Jonathan for the post-run fair ie. FREE FOOD. The race stopped at BC Place, and here is what it looked like inside:

Crazy hectic right?! This is how thick the crowd was during the race too. 

Check out the line for powerbars:

What would you do for a powerbar?

I’m surprised I waited in that line without going bezerk.



8 thoughts on “Race Recap

  1. Alexandra says:

    Great recap! So glad you had fun doing that race! 🙂
    And I gotta say, you must have the patience of a saint to have stayed in that powerbar line haha

  2. ou.prieb says:

    Hahahah slowpoke!! ❤ one of my favourite pokemons! the race looked like so much fun!

  3. abitterdays says:

    hahaha ridiculously photogenic guy! =D
    im sure you’re the ridiculously photogenic girl today =)

    hmm well im sure if there weren’t so many people walking and in your way, you would’ve been able to finish with less than 50min!

  4. Brittany says:

    Girl you are crazy for not being happy with your time!! I ran a 10k last month 7 minutes slower than you! Your time was awesome!

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