What goes through my mind when I’m shopping

Aughh, it’s such a nice day outside, why am I going shopping?!?!! I wish I was at the seawall right now.. and I’m sooooo thirsty, need water asappppp

Oh starbucks! Ooo half price fraps during happy hour! Let’s get some caffeine even though it acts like a diuretic and it’ll make me thirstier later. 

Mmmm mocha cookie crumble frap. So glad I didn’t get the strawberry one


Change rooms with curtains for doors make me nervous


No luck at mexx. Guess I have to go to forever 21 now, it’s messy there but at least they have doors in their change rooms.

Oh god! I knew I should’ve stayed home and shopped online!


Whoever dresses the mannequins has interesting taste.. but I guess if I had a flat belly, I’d wear that too


oh my goodness, i wish i can un-see this!


Finally, something that doesn’t make me look fat 


Ughhh, shouldn’t have drank that frappucino, now I have to pee! *need-to-pee stance* calculating route to closest washroom


Ahhh, feel so much better now that my bladder is relieved. Now onto to H&M !

Oooo this dress is cute, what size is it?


size 10?!?! dammit, the skinny b*tches got here before me again


well that was unproductive.. can’t wait to get home

Oh hey it’s starbucks again! Dare I get another frappucino? Nah.. I shouldn’t, it’s a long ride home.



10 thoughts on “What goes through my mind when I’m shopping

  1. thenewviewnl says:

    Wauw the pink dress looks so nice on you! Love your blog btw. Definaly following you! ^^

  2. I’ve been partaking in the half price fraps as well. Vanilla bean is my flavor of choice.

  3. Starr says:

    Curtain “doors” make me nervous too.

  4. francesca says:

    hahah you are so cute! love the way you express yourself

  5. Brittany says:

    I hateeee when I see an item I want and it’s too big!! UGH the worst!! That pink dress is adorable on you! We would get along perfectly shopping, I think the same things haha.

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