Dining with Elvis and a Bakery Date

Prepare yourself, this is a photo-heavy post.

Elephant and I went on our bajillionth bakery date today, ie. loading up on sugar and fat! It’s good for the mind and soul 🙂

But first we went back in time and ate lunch at a diner where we were greeted by Marilyn Manroe and Elvis.


Elvis serenaded us while we ate grilled cheese sandwiches and homefries.

Then we walked a block down the street and visited Thomas Haas. He’s a chocolatier and baker of amazingly derishcious cakes.

I think Elephant is starting to get used to me taking a bajillion photos every time we go to a bakery. She used pretend that we were just strangers until I put my camera away 😛

Super cool ceilings.

As per usual, Elephant got something that had a lemon or raspberry component and I got a chocolate cake.

Big grin 😀

This, my friends, is a centerpiece made completely of chocolate! There was a sign that told us to take pieces off of it. But it didn’t say anything about no licking! It put ideas into my head 😛

Meet Ginny/Jinny (Elephant, spelling please!). She somehow managed to make her paws green in the time that we were gone.


17 thoughts on “Dining with Elvis and a Bakery Date

  1. Alexandra says:

    Whoa that Elvis restaurant is amazing! And holy cow that centerpiece of chocolate– whoever made that has some serious decorative skills 🙂

  2. love your style dear! I follow you by now!
    I’m waiting you on my blog and if you want we can follow each other!
    Let me know!

  3. Brittany says:

    Oh my gosh, your chocolate cake looks amazing!! I do love lemon/raspberry sweets..but chocolate always steals the show! You look so cute!

  4. abitterdays says:

    they’re almond croissants are THE BESTTT

  5. This place is amazing – what a fabulous dedication to The King 😀
    *drools over desserts*

    Choc Chip Uru

  6. cookingactress says:

    I want to go to that bakery. I want to go to there bad. I love that you always get chocolate and she always gets raspberry/fruity something–that’s what happens whenever I’m with my bf Michael or my best friend Alex. You and I have it right, though, chocolate all the way 😉

  7. What an amazing bakery! I would totally get lost if there are so many gorgeous desserts/cakes in front of me…and picking just one would be like a mission impossible.

  8. Wow, so many yummy looking treats!

  9. Patty says:

    Lol! The awkward-er the better! What an awesome bakery and awesome bakery date! Do you get a lot of your inspiration from there?

    Have a great weekend lady!

  10. The picture of you with the cake is such a great picture of you! On a side note, that bakery looks like heaven.

  11. cakebrain says:

    Yum! would you believe I haven’t even made it to this bakery yet? shame on me! You two look so cute posing with your desserts!

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