I did NOT cry over chocolate.


To all my TMS/Intercruise friends who are reading this, I need to clarify something: I did NOT cry over chocolate! LOL

Chocolate is MY LIFE, but to cry over it is just a little silly (and embarrassing) 😛

I cried because I was stressed out about the flash cake, tired from lack of sleep, hungry from 10 hours of non-stop work, and annoyed that newbs who started later than 7am went home while I, (and a couple others who started early) was left to work. With all of that already going on, when my 400g dark Belgian chocolate bar went missing, I just had enough of everything and broke down. So there ya have it, I cried because I was having a terrible day and because someone took something that belonged to ME. 

Luckily, I got my chocolate bar back soon after I had lost it. Turns out one of the information technology guys who work on the cruise ships took it. When I find out who took it, I am going to knock the ____ out of him. No one messes with my chocolate and gets away with it!!!! For now, I am happy knowing that my awesome 7ft tall boss gave him a stern talk and backed me up. Apparently, the IT guy (a-hole) expressed that I was an idiot for crying over “a stupid chocolate bar”. My boss told him: “she’s not crying over the chocolate, she’s crying because you took HER stuff, and that’s just not right.” You tell him boss! 😀

Besides losing some pride and dignity, something good did come out of this. 

Yesterday, when I got to work, one of my coworkers said “I got you something”. (Probably some of my favourite words to hear :P) I got super excited and then opened his bag to find A GIANT TOBLERONE BAR!!!!!!!!!!!! I hugged the bar between my face and arms and tried to smell it through the wrapper. Even though it was 7am, all I wanted to do was eat it all right there and then. Gluttony!

Then, within 5 minutes, another friend said “I have something for you!” (I wondered how many more times I would hear that, haha!) She gave me A GIANT LINDT CHOCOLATE BAR!!!!!!!!!! I was jumping off the walls with happiness! I held the cool bar in my hands and stared at its shiny golden sheen. It was the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen :’)

I guess it isn’t always a bad thing for people to find out that you cried. Thanks again Jeanette and Ellis!! 


6 thoughts on “I did NOT cry over chocolate.

  1. Someone stole your chocolate? Unacceptable! I’ll help you take him out.

  2. abitterdays says:

    Can’t believe he called you an idiot after he STOLE your stuff!!
    Find him and show him HE’s the idiot!
    Your boss and your coworkers are THE BESTTTT!!

    • i love the ppl at my work, which is why i keep going back every summer 😀

      can you beat him up for me? i hate him, whoever he is. im certain the thief is a he because we don’t have any female I.T guys

  3. cakebrain says:

    I’m so glad your supervisor ripped into that guy! that is so rude to take someone’s food! in our staffroom, someone stole my colleague’s takeout shrimp fried rice. The problem: the culprit just opened the lid, took all the shrimp and left the rice. Then left the lid open, drying out the rice. She had no lunch and was so peeved. Someone also went into another colleague’s peanut butter jar and stuck a finger in there and just gouged out a huge gob. Gross, eh? Some people were raised by wolves.

    • My supervisor was my hero of the day!

      and this mystery staff room lunch culprit at your workplace is despicable! how could he/she be so horrible and just ruin/take things that don’t bother to him/her?!

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