I must have cashed in all of my good karma, because the best thing happened to me on December 19th. 

I WON A GIVEAWAY FROM Two Peas and Their Pod!!! Not just any giveaway, A KITCHENAID GIVEAWAY!! I got a mixer, blender and food processor. For the rest of this post you must listen to this song to get the most accurate picture of what went down in my head when I found out that I won. 

If you’ve hung out with me enough, you probably know that I’ve always always always ALWAYS wanted a candy apple red 7 quart bowl lift kitchenaid stand mixer. Yes, I say the entire name every time I talk about it because I’m very specific with what I want. I’m sorry if I have ever embarrassed you by ogling and hugging every kitchenaid mixer I come across. They’re just so beautiful. 

When I found out that I won, my heart started beating a gazillion times a minute and I felt like I could bounce off walls from happiness! I called my mom at work immediately after waking my siblings with my laughing and giddy-screaming. All I could manage to say on the phone was : MOMMOMMOMMOMMOMMOMMOMMOMMOM!!!

Naturally, my mom thought that something REALLY BAD happened so her response was, “OMGWHATHAPPENEDTELLMENOW”, which made me laugh even more. 

I’ve been in a really good mood, I mean, how can I not be? I just won the bestest baking gadgets in the world! I can join the bakers with mixers club now 🙂 The only hard part was waiting an entire 17 days for the package to arrive (yeah I know, I’m impatient). 

Thank you Maria from Two Peas and Their Pod and the wonderful people from Kitchenaid for this amazing christmas gift!


Almost got crushed by my candy apple red 7 quart bowl lift stand mixer. 


First peek !! 







Look at it in action! You can’t even see the flat beater because it’s THAT fast


The 5 speed hand blender! I’ll be drinking hot chocolate all day everyday.


Food processor! Now I can make pie dough like Dorie Greenspan!


Huge 13cup capacity bowl.


Oh dear, I’m perma-grinning again. 


24 thoughts on “BEST DAY EVER!

  1. ou.prieb says:

    yeee congrats twinner!! 😀

  2. Oh my gosh best giveaway ever!!!

  3. Jay Chi says:

    I think a EEEEEEEEEEE is appropriate here

  4. Laura says:

    So happy for you 🙂 I know you’ll will definitely put it all to good use!

  5. Ms K says:

    omg! congratulations! that is an absolutely gorgeous red colour! happy baking!


  7. Jean Ju says:

    Congratulations!!!!!!! You are so lucky,
    I never been lucky.

  8. kdagz says:

    This was a super great post to read! Congratulations!!!

  9. Starr says:

    oooh, pretty!…. Congratulations on winning a spectacular prize. Now you’re almost set to open your cake shop!

  10. That is quite the beautiful mixer! Sometimes the simple things mean so much! So pleased you won!

  11. kale says:

    haha it looks like you could fit inside that box! (oh and i totally played the song while reading, and it just made me laugh thinking of your glee) congrats babe!

  12. cakebrain says:

    love that red colour! expecting to see a lot of baked goods from you with these cool tools!

  13. […] to me. I still can’t believe how lucky I have been. This year started off with a bang when I won my first ever kitchenaid mixer . Then I gained a ton of experience through two new jobs that I have never ever done before. I […]

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