Kids are interesting


Why are kids so TALKATIVE?! They never stop talking at me, to me, and over each other. I dont know where they get all their energy from. Way back when in my preteen years, my dream was to become an elementary school teacher. Looking back, I have no clue why I ever wanted that! Elementary school is a jungle!

Lemme provide you with some background info because y’all probably confused right now.


So I run an afterschool cooking program at an elementary, where I, of course am the instructor. Some of the kids found or about my blog and have been asking me to write a post. So here you go Patricia! If you are reading this, this is your shout out! 🙂


I would say that i’m pretty good with kids,  I know how to get them focused on tasks and keep them entertained. I just haven’t figured out how to make them be still for a full 30secs.


Most of the kids really like me, even though I’m sarcastic like 90% of the time and call them names like Sassy-Pants Nikki. I compensate by teaching them how to make cool treats like m&m cookies and I give them lots of playground time (ie. Let’s all climb on Connie for piggy back rides). Kids are so easy to please:P.


They called me cool, which I initially thought was a good thing,  but it turns out that cool stands for constipated overrated out of style loser. If they call you a jerk its a good thing because that stands for junior educated rich kid. Seriously, where do these meanings come from?!?!?! I’ve been an instructor for 3 years but never knew of that til now.


At the beginning it was super difficult to even just round them up and get them to sit down. I learnt the trick to get their respect: sometimes you gotta be the bad guy. When they see the serious side of me,  they realize that they could get in trouble so they stop doing whatever it is that is annoying me.


This job can be really draining but it’s so worth it in the end when the kids show you signs of affection and tell you that you’re their second best friend. (Yep, kids are also very blunt.)

Its so cute when they give me hugs at the end of class and say stuff like that they’ll miss me over spring break.

I usually try to not get attached, but this group of kids are definitely something else.


11 thoughts on “Kids are interesting

  1. Brittany says:

    Awww I worked with kids at an after school program for just under 2 years when I was 17-19 and they were so much fun!! This is awesome that you teach them to bake!

  2. Hahahhaaa awww this is funny

  3. cakebrain says:

    oh my…you caught the teaching bug maybe! lol!

  4. Nikki says:

    Hey Connie it’s me nikki

  5. Nikki says:


  6. Patricia says:

    HI CONNIE! This post is so old wooooooow

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