The Big Move

First, I want to thank these fantastic ladies for sharing their stories about moving away from the house that they grew up in. I had no idea so many people would be able to resonate with me but it definitely made me feel less homesick.

I moved on the 25th which is exactly one week ago. I can’t believe I’ve only been here for a week! I’m getting used to this new place already. There’s one thing I will never get used to though: THE AMOUNT OF TIME IT TAKES TO COMMUTE ANYWHERE. From where I used to live, it used to only take me 30 mins MAX to get to school/work/downtown/Burnaby/Richmond. Now it takes me 90 mins to go to those same places =.= Not fun.

Before I show you some pics from moving day, I need to tell you guys something: 

I think I’m a workoholic. On top of being a chocoholic.

Lemme break down my summer for you:

– 4 part time jobs
– 1 course at school
– cake business on the side (blogiversary and spider-man cake coming up!) 

I just can’t say no, I’m a YES woman. If an opportunity presents itself, I will take it, that’s just how I am. I didn’t plan on having so many jobs, but I got accepted into every one that I applied to (which I did not expect at all!). Technically I won’t be working at 2 of the jobs that often, but I did promise my employers that I will work when I can. So I still hold the positions I just won’t be there regularly.

Just outta curiosity, how do you guys manage your time? Are you also a YES woman/man and like to take on way more than you should?


Here’s a pic of Mixy with me in the front seat. There was no way that I was gonna put Mixy in the moving truck.

move day

Dad staring at who knows what.

move day 2

Grams and Uncle putting together the dining table

move day 3

There was stuff everywhere! We had to temporarily use the basement staircase as a storage place.

move day 4

The clutter that is my bathroom. 

move day 5

UGH. dreading the clean up already!

move day 6

The clutter on my room floor.

move day 7

I’m just gonna take a break and lie on my bed for a bit…

move day 8

Oh shoot, the movers are here, gotta get up. I wanna own a moving truck, the electrical ramp is so much fun!

move day 9

Just riding on a moving cart 😛

move day 12

YES. We have cable and internet!!!

move day 10

We ended the day with a feast. Can you tell that we like our protein?

move day 11

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18 thoughts on “The Big Move

  1. winks says:

    i like your new place =]

  2. Cakebrain says:

    eek! 90 minutes to get anywhere? did you guys end up moving to the burbs? where? are u not in van anymore? yikes I feel for you with commuting. I’m a snob ’bout van…and will never move out of van if I can help it. I was born in Vancouver and haven’t lived anywhere else all my life. Travelled to lots o’ places but Vancouver’s still my fave place. Your house looks huge. Lucky you! I like the low-carb feast you have set out! right up my alley!

  3. I’m so glad your move went well! My family moved two years ago and I remember how stressful and exhausting that was. Our move was almost the opposite of yours- we moved closer to the city and it only takes us 30 minutes max to get downtown!

  4. Ou says:

    Seeing you move after 17 years of living in your old house reminds me of when I first moved to Canada from Thailand :’) Hopefully everything in your house is set up (my OCD was firing up when looking at the pictures of clutter)! That way, we can invade your house >:) jk. not really.

  5. kalyrical says:

    Housewarming party?!?!?!!? 😀

  6. Awww!! You’re so sweet. The new place looks gorge.

    And omg you are an insane woman with work! Make sure you sleep!

  7. Brittany says:

    I am so glad you are adjusting well the the move! That photo with the window that wraps around in the hall stairway is amazing!! I LOVE that you’re a YES woman!! I am too, I need to fill up my summer like yours!! Busy is not a bad thing!

  8. Cakebrain says:

    lol! I used to live a stone’s throw from the pne. On Wall St near Kamloops. Playland=close to BBy and that means close to Valley Bakery! whoohoo! Plus, you are near the Drive and Gourmet Warehouse. I know the neighbourhood well. Sunrise and Chinatown for cheapo veggies/food. You’re kind of close to downtown too. All is not lost. You don’t have to pay for parking when you go to the pne. Bonus!

    • ahaha! thanks for helping me see the better side of things! 😛 those are good points, especially the bakery and pne reasons! is this bakery that amazing? i gotta check it out?

      oh btw, i went to gourmet warehouse for the first time yesterday. HEAVEN!

  9. Cakebrain says:

    Actually, all my Italian friends love Valley Bakery. It’s an institution. The Gateau St. Honore cake is the usual thing you order there. I like the fact you’re close to New Town Bakery in Chinatown…Huge steamed buns and famous apple tarts!

  10. Cakebrain says:

    Oh, I forgot! The Drive…you must try Fratelli’s bakery on Commercial Dr.

  11. Dave Martinez says:

    Your place looks really nice. I want to live in a house like that.
    Nyahaha! 😀

  12. Dave Martinez says:

    Haha! Nah, It’s still nice! 😛
    Riding downhill looks fun.. Haha! I wanna try it..
    Nyahahhaha! 😀

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