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I must have cashed in all of my good karma, because the best thing happened to me on December 19th. 

I WON A GIVEAWAY FROM Two Peas and Their Pod!!! Not just any giveaway, A KITCHENAID GIVEAWAY!! I got a mixer, blender and food processor. For the rest of this post you must listen to this song to get the most accurate picture of what went down in my head when I found out that I won. 

If you’ve hung out with me enough, you probably know that I’ve always always always ALWAYS wanted a candy apple red 7 quart bowl lift kitchenaid stand mixer. Yes, I say the entire name every time I talk about it because I’m very specific with what I want. I’m sorry if I have ever embarrassed you by ogling and hugging every kitchenaid mixer I come across. They’re just so beautiful. 

When I found out that I won, my heart started beating a gazillion times a minute and I felt like I could bounce off walls from happiness! I called my mom at work immediately after waking my siblings with my laughing and giddy-screaming. All I could manage to say on the phone was : MOMMOMMOMMOMMOMMOMMOMMOMMOM!!!

Naturally, my mom thought that something REALLY BAD happened so her response was, “OMGWHATHAPPENEDTELLMENOW”, which made me laugh even more. 

I’ve been in a really good mood, I mean, how can I not be? I just won the bestest baking gadgets in the world! I can join the bakers with mixers club now 🙂 The only hard part was waiting an entire 17 days for the package to arrive (yeah I know, I’m impatient). 

Thank you Maria from Two Peas and Their Pod and the wonderful people from Kitchenaid for this amazing christmas gift!


Almost got crushed by my candy apple red 7 quart bowl lift stand mixer. 


First peek !! 







Look at it in action! You can’t even see the flat beater because it’s THAT fast


The 5 speed hand blender! I’ll be drinking hot chocolate all day everyday.


Food processor! Now I can make pie dough like Dorie Greenspan!


Huge 13cup capacity bowl.


Oh dear, I’m perma-grinning again. 


And the winners are…

Hi Everybody! Welcome to Friday! 

Ready to know who the lucky winners are?! Oh boy, my first giveaway, I’m so excited!!

I used the old fashioned name-in-bowl method to randomly draw the winners…

ready for the draw!!

Can I get a drum roll please?

Ladies and gents, first winner up is….


congrats alexandra!!

 And the next winner up is…


yay julia!

Congratulations to both! Please email me the address you would like these sent 🙂 Since the headbands are different colours, Alexandra gets to choose which colour she wants first (I’m sorry julia!). The colours are lavender and the lime green ish colour that is pictured in the previous post. I can’t wait for you guys to receive them!!


Speaking Our Minds and A Giveaway!! *giveaway now closed*

this is what i'm giving away! (image stolen from lululemon)

At work today, the weirdest thing happened.

I was walking back to the hostess desk and there was a lady standing there grabbing a thank-you mint before heading out. She was an older lady, probably around the age of 60 and she was wearing a pair of ray ban glasses along with a pair of black converses. Best dressed old lady ever.

When I got to the desk I thanked her for coming and wished her a lovely day.

This is when the weird thing happened.

After I said that, she just looked at me. It wasn’t a rude stare or anything. It was more of a blank stare like she was trying to figure out something. 

So I asked: “Can I help you with anything?”

She said something along the lines of this, “No, I just wanted to tell you that you look very nice today. It is pleasant to look at you”

I didn’t really know what to say because I was not expecting a comment like that, but I was flattered. I don’t deal well with compliments. Was it even a compliment? Then it finally hit me that I should say something back, I was kinda winded by the weird comment lolol. 

I said, “Awww, why thank you. I don’t hear that often, actually I never hear that ahaha. You just made my day!”

Then she said, ” Well I just thought you should know that. We should all share our positive thoughts more often. I’m sure other people think that too when they walk in here but they just don’t tell you that.”

I said, “I agree, everyone should speak their minds more often, if it’s positive!”

She said, “I know right! Well, bye now and have a nice day.”

I said, “You too, try to stay dry out there.” 

The door closed behind her and let in a cool breeze. I gushed warmly at my desk and replayed the comment in my head once more.

Today I want to tell you guys what has been on my mind too. 

I think you’re all awesome for doing what you do. Whether it is trying out a new workout, following a vegan diet (which I could never do!), dealing with lactose-intolerance or diabetes or just holding back on dessert for one night, I think you all deserve a pat on the back and a high five for that 🙂

I also want to thank all of you for supporting my blog and being such dedicated readers :’) you have no idea how much it means to me.

I finally decided what to give away for my first giveaway!!! It took me ages cuz I suck at buying gifts for people. 

Since most of you are always active and on the go, I decided to give away lululemon headbands!!! 

I know, I know, it’s not the coolest gift ever but I couldn’t think of anything better that won’t break my wallet =/ Hostesses/cruise agents don’t make a lotta moolah 😦 But it’s my favouritest brand ever (half my wardrobe is from this place) cuz their stuff is high quality and dependable.

image stolen from lululemon

image stolen from lululemon

I’m giving away two of these headbands! It took me a long time to decide, but I arranged all the styles based on cute factor and these won me over with the braided style. Keep your hair away from your face while you’re on the go and look cute at the same time! One is exactly like the one in the pictures and the other one is homogenously lavender.

All you gotta do to now is leave a comment answering this question: 

“What’s the nicest comment that a stranger ever gave you?” or “What is the nicest comment you ever gave to a stranger?”

To get extra an chance at winning, become a fan of my page on Facebook

If you’re doing the Facebook thing as well, make sure you tell me in your comment so I can count that extra ballot for you! If you are already a fan, make sure you tell me that too 🙂

Giveaway will close Thursday night at 9pm pacific time. Winners will be announced Friday !

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