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Lemon Filling

I would’ve taken pictures of the actual filling, but it was a FAIL!

Well it actually started out as a MAJOR fail but it turned out alright. I saved it in the end!

My eggs got cooked really quickly, so there were floating pieces of egg in the filling. Mmm, visible egg in lemon curd.

AND, for some reason, it just wouldn’t thicken up! I was so frustrated that I decided to start all over. I even made my brother run out to the grocery store to buy more lemon. Poor kid, it was hot outside that day too. He’s never been to a grocery store by himself before and he absolutely had no idea which aisle the lemon juice would be in. He found it though and made it back home within twenty mins. I love my little bro.

I was running outta time because I had to meet my friend BUT, before I poured the whole darn thing down the drain and after I cursed it for wasting my time, I decided to wait it out and pray that it’ll turn out alright. AND IT DID! It finally started to thicken up AFTER A LONG TIME and it turned out decent. Phew.

This recipe was from Martha. I should have foreseen troubles. Martha always fails me. (sorry to all you Martha fans out there) I should’ve saw it coming.

If Martha’s recipes never disappoint you, here’s the recipe.

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