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All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go


Sorry for the cheesy title. I’ve always wanted to use that lyric, but I’ve never had the chance to travel until now! As you may or may not know, I’m going to Guatemala for a week to build farms and kitchens.

For about a month leading up to this trip, I went through a roller coaster of feelings. I was excited, then nervous, then scared, then stressed, then worried, then motivated and now calm. I guess I have to be since I’m flying out in 2 hours! 

It worries me that the first thing all my friends and family are telling me is to “be safe”. Guatemala may not be the safest place to travel, but when  everyone is re-confirming that fact, it freaks me out! The more I research about it, the scarier things get. For example, I talked a guy at Mountain Equipment Co-op whose buddies just went to Guatemala. He said that the people there can tell that you’re foreigners and if you’re carrying really nice stuff, they’ll drive up to you in a car and point a gun at you until you give them all your stuff.

Yeppppppppp. That’s why I’m ditching my fancy gadgets and leaving them at home. 

As much as that worries me, BUGS/SPIDERS/SNAKES/SCORPIONS worry me even more. I am absolutely TERRIFIED of all bugs (except for ants, those guys are adorable). I would stay up in bed until the early AM looking at picture after picture of all the different kinds of bugs, what they can do to you and what happens when you get bit. If you’re feeling extra courageous, search “botfly” in youtube. I dare you.

It took me a while to finally push those worries aside, but I finally realized that worrying about these things are only going to ruin this trip for me. Fears are only gonna hold me back from fully immersing myself into the culture. I want to embark on my trip with excitement and an openness to try everything. The important thing is to help as much as I can. I  mean, that’s why I signed up for this trip right? I absolutely can’t wait to meet everyone! Our coordinator in Guatemala told us that everyone is excited for our arrival! 

I realized something else too: Chocolate originated from Central America. Central America is where I’m going. I’ll have an excuse to dunk 90% of my food into chocolate. WHOO.

Alright, here I go, off to my first flight in 12 years!!! See you guys in a week 🙂

Mission: Feed Sibilia



Hi everyone,

I’m going on a super exciting trip in February! For a week, I will be in Sibilia, Guatemala building farms, kitchens and teaching nutrition. I’ve always always wanted to volunteer internationally and do bigger things but my fear of flying and my parents reprimands have held me back from pursuing such opportunities. A while ago, I found out that a program at my university was planning an outreach trip to Guatemala and I knew it was my chance to finally get out there and do something for other people! I’m so excited that I got chosen for this trip and I’m so glad that I’ll be starting 2014 by doing something to resolve the greater issues. Yes, real issues.

I’ve created a page on Go Fund Me to collect donations, which can be accessed through the button below. If you would like to contribute to my trip to help me help others, that would be greatly appreciated! Your contribution will go towards helping the community of Sibilia access equality, equity and better living conditions. Even if it is just a few bucks, a little can add up to a lot. If you can share this with your friends and family, I would appreciate it so much! If we can reach more people, each person will only need to donate a little bit. 

Thank you so so so much in advance for your support! 🙂 I’ll be sure to write all about my trip when I get back at the end of February! 

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