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Day 5 – Construction


One of our many caretakers. This man and his family kindly let us stay at their home. Here he is HANDMAKING tools out of wood. Just goes to show resourceful and talented he is!

So I actually didn’t have time to write anything for this day in my journal! I think this speaks to how great of a day it was ūüôā

We spent the day half working on the construction of a kitchen at the local elementary school in Bueno Vista and half teaching English lessons. Two things I learnt: 1) I’m no good at construction. and 2) an 11 person tickle fight is both hilariously funny and frightening at the same time.¬†

By the time¬†we arrived back at the homestay for dinner, we were all¬†famished! Those of us who had snacks, brought out our stored secret stashes to stave¬†the hunger. But the mere sight of food brought out the savages in us. The next thing I knew, we were climbing over each other, jumping on each others’ backs, and reaching with arms and legs everywhere just to get food. The more agile ones of the group (I’m talking bout you Kyle!) were swiftly taking food out of others’ hands. No food was safe from any predator, which in this case were 13 starved university students! In the end we all got some good laughs at how crazy we were acting. I mentioned that it reminded me a lot of Lord of the Flies because our innate instincts to do whatever¬†it takes to survive showed us a different (uglier) side of ourselves. Now, we fondly recall this moment as our “Lord of the Flies Moment”.¬†

At the end of the day after our dinner, someone ¬†decided that it would be funny to assign animal characters to everyone in the group based on their personality.¬†The hilarity of us trying to justify how¬†a certain animal fits into someone’s character got me laughing until my (fl)abs ached! It was probably the first time I’ve ever been compared to a pufferfish… for reasons I have yet to understand.¬†

8:00 am Рbreakfast at our homestay 
8:30 am Рarrive at Bueno Vista, first day of construction, plastering walls, mixing cementing, and painting   
1:30 pm Рlunch 
2:30 pm Рback to Bueno Vista to teach English via interactive games, got attacked by a lot (like a lot) of kids in a tickle fight. It was like me against 10. 
6:30 pm – dinner back at homestay
8:30 pm Рshower relay race and deep talks into the middle of the night



it doesn’t look like much but I was actually quite high up and it scared the bajeezes outta me


outside of the kitchen. the school has decided to paint it red and white in honor of their Canadian volunteers ūüôā


plastering is waaaay harder than it looks. arm workout of the YEAR


Play time! Meet Juan Jose and Juan Jose. Those two boys are some of the sweetest kids you’ll ever come across.


Ashley aka the Boss.   P.S: I need to work on my selfie skills


I was plastering away then Yedrin, this sweet little guy, grabbed me by the hand and took me away from all the cement to get my hair did!


That’s Yedrin right there on the right. Isn’t he a cutie? He had a massive crush on the girl with the blue headband *teehee*


I swear he had a great time taking pictures with me!

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Mission: Feed Sibilia



Hi everyone,

I’m going on a super exciting trip in February! For a week, I will be in Sibilia, Guatemala building farms, kitchens and teaching nutrition. I’ve always always wanted to volunteer internationally and do bigger things but my fear of flying and my parents reprimands have held me back from pursuing such opportunities. A while ago, I found out that a program at my university was planning an outreach trip to Guatemala and I knew it was my chance to finally get out there and do something for other people! I’m so excited that I got chosen for this trip and I’m so glad that I’ll be starting 2014 by doing something to resolve the greater issues. Yes, real issues.

I’ve created a page on Go Fund Me to collect donations, which can be accessed through the button below. If you would like to contribute to my trip to help me help others, that would be greatly appreciated! Your contribution will go towards helping the community of Sibilia access equality, equity and better living conditions. Even if it is just a few bucks, a little can add up to a lot. If you can share this with your friends and family, I would appreciate it so much! If we can reach more people, each person will only need to donate a little bit.¬†

Thank you so so so much in advance for your support! ūüôā I’ll be sure to write all about my trip when I get back at the end of February!¬†

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