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Christmas in November

christmas bazaar 2012

I may or may not have mentioned this before, but I volunteer at a care home for seniors. The portrayal of a care home is usually gray and boring and sad. But I gotta tell ya, even though the average age of the people here is 95+, this place is always bursting with liveliness and energy. I love volunteering here because the staff are super friendly and the residents are adorable. Old people are so cute 🙂

Every time I walk in, I get greeted by warm and familiar smiles. Not all the residents can remember my name, (even though I’ve been volunteering over a year!) but they can recognize my face.

There is this one man, let’s just call him George because I can’t disclose his name for privacy reasons, bless his heart he is the cutest! He’s in his late 90’s and can barely remember what he did an hour ago, but he has been trying to remember my name and he is actually getting pretty good at it. Initially, he would have no recollection of me at all, but over two months he has learned to recall my name with just one hint! 

I love visiting the care home, everyone is always so appreciative of every little act of kindness and I just love hearing stories of their lives and getting to know each and every one better. 


Every year, there is a Christmas Bazaar that happens in November. The two lovely ladies in the picture above run this show like rockstars! They bake pies, cookies, and cakes. They organize sponsors for prizes and gifts like hand knit clothing. They make tens and twenties of christmas wreaths and miniture christmas trees. Seriously, they are amazing. 




I of course offered to help out with wrapping the baked goods. One of my best dreams came true. I was surrounded by mountains of delicious sugary carbs and the smell of cinnamon christmas in the air. 


Connie and Connie. I met this girl for the first time at the bazaar. For the entire year I was wondering who the heck is signing in with my name, the nerve! But she’s super cool and offered me a pecan tart so we’re like practically best friends now. We even have the matching boots, whoa.


can you believe that these were all hand made?!??!



It was one of the most relaxing days that I have had in a while. School’s been bringing me down, but yenno what? I’m gonna finish this term STRONG and then party all winter break. By party I mean bake cookies, watch claymation christmas movies in my pjs, eat copious amounts of chocolate and play cranium with my family. Most rowdy 19 year old right here 😛


I did NOT cry over chocolate.


To all my TMS/Intercruise friends who are reading this, I need to clarify something: I did NOT cry over chocolate! LOL

Chocolate is MY LIFE, but to cry over it is just a little silly (and embarrassing) 😛

I cried because I was stressed out about the flash cake, tired from lack of sleep, hungry from 10 hours of non-stop work, and annoyed that newbs who started later than 7am went home while I, (and a couple others who started early) was left to work. With all of that already going on, when my 400g dark Belgian chocolate bar went missing, I just had enough of everything and broke down. So there ya have it, I cried because I was having a terrible day and because someone took something that belonged to ME. 

Luckily, I got my chocolate bar back soon after I had lost it. Turns out one of the information technology guys who work on the cruise ships took it. When I find out who took it, I am going to knock the ____ out of him. No one messes with my chocolate and gets away with it!!!! For now, I am happy knowing that my awesome 7ft tall boss gave him a stern talk and backed me up. Apparently, the IT guy (a-hole) expressed that I was an idiot for crying over “a stupid chocolate bar”. My boss told him: “she’s not crying over the chocolate, she’s crying because you took HER stuff, and that’s just not right.” You tell him boss! 😀

Besides losing some pride and dignity, something good did come out of this. 

Yesterday, when I got to work, one of my coworkers said “I got you something”. (Probably some of my favourite words to hear :P) I got super excited and then opened his bag to find A GIANT TOBLERONE BAR!!!!!!!!!!!! I hugged the bar between my face and arms and tried to smell it through the wrapper. Even though it was 7am, all I wanted to do was eat it all right there and then. Gluttony!

Then, within 5 minutes, another friend said “I have something for you!” (I wondered how many more times I would hear that, haha!) She gave me A GIANT LINDT CHOCOLATE BAR!!!!!!!!!! I was jumping off the walls with happiness! I held the cool bar in my hands and stared at its shiny golden sheen. It was the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen :’)

I guess it isn’t always a bad thing for people to find out that you cried. Thanks again Jeanette and Ellis!! 


What goes through my mind when I’m shopping

Aughh, it’s such a nice day outside, why am I going shopping?!?!! I wish I was at the seawall right now.. and I’m sooooo thirsty, need water asappppp

Oh starbucks! Ooo half price fraps during happy hour! Let’s get some caffeine even though it acts like a diuretic and it’ll make me thirstier later. 

Mmmm mocha cookie crumble frap. So glad I didn’t get the strawberry one


Change rooms with curtains for doors make me nervous


No luck at mexx. Guess I have to go to forever 21 now, it’s messy there but at least they have doors in their change rooms.

Oh god! I knew I should’ve stayed home and shopped online!


Whoever dresses the mannequins has interesting taste.. but I guess if I had a flat belly, I’d wear that too


oh my goodness, i wish i can un-see this!


Finally, something that doesn’t make me look fat 


Ughhh, shouldn’t have drank that frappucino, now I have to pee! *need-to-pee stance* calculating route to closest washroom


Ahhh, feel so much better now that my bladder is relieved. Now onto to H&M !

Oooo this dress is cute, what size is it?


size 10?!?! dammit, the skinny b*tches got here before me again


well that was unproductive.. can’t wait to get home

Oh hey it’s starbucks again! Dare I get another frappucino? Nah.. I shouldn’t, it’s a long ride home.


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